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Powerful Features

We have a database of qualified Subcontractors. Our app allows the General Contractors to provide a clear description of what is expected on each job. The application automates the effort of matching General Contractors’ requirements with qualified Subcontractors’ skills, reducing the time and effort required to staff the project.

Invitation Only

We only invite top quality General Contractors and Subcontractors, validating relevant licenses and references, building a culture of excellence.

Easy To Use

The app is very simple and intuitive so that both General Contractors and Subcontractors can quickly adapt to it.

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BuilderCogs Goal

Our goal at BuilderCog is to cut out the staffing inefficiencies that plague the construction industry, while also adding transparency to the project needs and status. We want to make it easy for Subcontractors to find work and for General Contractors to find qualified Subcontractors who deliver high quality, so that both Subcontractors and General Contractors can focus on timely achievement of their clients’ contracting requirements.


Construction finally meets technology to cut out inefficiencies that plague the construction industry.


Network of high-end, high quality General Contractors and Subcontractors.

Cuts Costs

By using our platform you will be able to cut overhead costs which in turn allows you to save money.


How simple it is for General Contractors to use our app

Get started in 3 simple steps.

Join Our App

Sign up either as a Subcontractor or General Contractor. The application is simple and once accepted to the app, you will be able to accept/post jobs.


Accept/Post Job

Accept or post a job. Subcontractors - view jobs that you are qualified to accept. General Contractors - post your job easily on our platform.



Receive confirmation from the contact information of the Subcontractor or General Contractor once you have accepted or a job you have posted has been accepted.


How easy it is for Subcontractors to use our app

Once accepted to the app you will be able to select, view details and accept jobs from your computer or your phone.